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By | August 10, 2017

Get Unity Sand When Celebrating Your Union

During your special day, when you would celebrate the combining of your lives together, you may like a special ritual that will specialize your new unity. There are several couples that opt for the unity candle and this has also become quite common in the present years. You have to know that there is another great idea for the park, beach or a garden wedding. Well, this is the unity sand ceremony.

You must know that the ceremony is really simple and quite beautiful. You will just have to get three shapes of clear glass bowls that are nicely shaped. It would also be a great idea to use the vases. You may buy the black and white sand or you can get two other complementary colors. Probably, you can have those which you use in your wedding. You can find the color sand that you can readily purchase at the stores selling aquariums, garden shops and craft stores. You will then just have to put the vases or the bowls side by side. The groom is going to pour a color of sand into the vessels while the bride is going to pour the color into a different one. Together, they will then pour sand into the center bowl and make that beautiful design. The vases or those side bowls may then be filled with such flowers or could be topped with colored stones and become a part of the reception’s decoration. The center container would be kept as a souvenir for the groom and bride.

For such ceremonies where the groom or bride have kids, the children can also be provided with those bowls of colorful sand and they may add to the center vessel together with such of the bride and groom. This ceremony is something inexpensive and will surely provide extra sweetness to such wonderful occasion.
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Well, you can practice doing such ceremony. It is a great idea for you to purchase extra sand before the unity sand ceremony that will let the groom, bride and others practice how such ceremony should be carried out. Through such, the errors will be eliminated and you will have that perfect sand ceremony. You have to know that practicing this ceremony will allow the couple to focus on the real meaning of the ceremony on the actual wedding day, instead of getting anxious about making such mess on this part during the wedding day.
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To make sure that the details of your unity sand blends into the whole wedding ritual, then you can ask help from the wedding planner or the coordinator you hired.